Thu Jan 29 2015

Key Recommendations from the Report

Summary of “Road Map to Renewal” Report

This year-end report lays out an agenda to Invest in Our Future through education and innovation, Build on Our Strengths in the critical sectors of energy and manufacturing, and Play to Win by making overdue tax and regulatory reforms.

Prepare the American Workforce to Compete in the Global Economy

The Jobs Council recommends a series of actions that could realign our education systems to better meet workforce and student needs, even as we transform our education system from preschool to high school.

Foster a Climate that Lets Innovation Thrive

To renew America’s leadership in innovation, the Jobs Council calls on the country to boost national investment in R&D, double down on developing the most innovative workforce in the world and lift the level of new startups.

Adopt an “All-In” Strategy on Energy

The Jobs Council recommends optimizing use of U.S. natural resources while protecting public health and the environment, supporting efficiency measures, and driving energy innovation.

Renew American Manufacturing

The Jobs Council believes that, as a nation, we need to go back to the future in manufacturing—and win global share via innovative industries and world-class exports.

Enhance American Competitiveness Through Smart Regulatory Reform

The Jobs Council believes that the regulatory reform initiatives can bolster American competitiveness over the long term, and contribute to productivity growth and job creation while ensuring the American people have the protections they expect and deserve.

Reform the Outdated Tax System to Enhance American Competitiveness

Given the stakes for U.S. competitiveness and fiscal responsibility, the Jobs Council urges Congress and the administration to begin to work on tax reform immediately.

Road Map to Renewal

Jobs Council Report to the President
In this year-end report, the Jobs Council addresses the broad factors influencing American prosperity and competitiveness in a global age.

Key Recommendations from the October Report

Summary of “Taking Action, Building Confidence” Report

In this report, the Jobs Council offers a series of practical proposals that have the potential to create jobs and boost America’s long-term competitiveness.

Develop Talent to Fill Today’s Jobs and Fuel Tomorrow’s

The Jobs Council believes there is an urgent near-term agenda on talent that can help ease today’s jobs woes, and a broader long-term talent agenda to renew America’s competitiveness.

National Investment Initiative

The Jobs Council recommends that the U.S. create a National Investment Initiative (NII) to create jobs and regain America’s place as the premier destination for foreign and domestic investment.

Simplify Regulatory Review and Streamline Project Approvals

The Jobs Council recommends speeding our regulatory processes by applying best practices on streamlining and metrics developed in the public and private sector.

A New Era for Infrastructure

The Jobs Council recommends investing aggressively and efficiently in competitive infrastructure to create jobs in the near term and improve America’s long-term productivity.

Nurture the High-Growth Enterprises that Create New Jobs

The Jobs Council recommends that the Administration, Congress and the private sector implement a comprehensive package to help startup firms hire and expand.

A New Era for Energy

The Jobs Council recommends that the U.S. adopt a balanced portfolio of innovative solutions for our energy needs.