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Jobs Council Releases “Taking Action, Building Confidence” Interim Report to the President

Posted by staff on October 10, 2011 07:00 PM EST

The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness today released “Taking Action, Building Confidence,” an interim report to the President. This report includes a series of practical proposals that can meaningfully accelerate job creation over the next five years as part of the nation’s overall jobs agenda.

The report includes five major initiatives to increase employment while improving competitiveness:

  1. Measures to accelerate investment into job-rich projects in infrastructure and energy development;
  2. A comprehensive drive to ignite entrepreneurship and accelerate the number and scale of young, small businesses and high-growth firms that produce an outsized share of America’s new jobs;
  3. A national investment initiative to boost jobs-creating inward investment in the United States, both from global firms headquartered elsewhere and from multinational corporations headquartered here;
  4. Ideas to simplify regulatory review and streamline project approvals to accelerate jobs and growth; and,
  5. Steps to ensure America has the talent in place to fill existing job openings as well as to boost future job creation.


Full “Taking Action, Building Confidence” report (pdf).

Summary of “Taking Action, Building Confidence” report.

Fact sheets on report recommendations.

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